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Касагранде is the Russian dub of The Casagrandes. It debuted on Nickelodeon's Russian feed on March 25, 2020 and its Central and Eastern European feed on August 10 the same year. It is also available online on Okko.

On April 28, 2022, Nickelodeon ceased broadcasting in Russia amid the country's invasion of Ukraine, yet it continues to broadcast in the other post-Soviet states (excluding Turkmenistan). Therefore, episode premieres and reruns of this dub are still broadcast on the channel to this day.


Character Actor
Ronnie Anne Santiago (The Loud House).png
Ронни Энн Сантьяго

Natalia Frankova
File:Adelaide Chang (The Loud House).png
Аделаида Ченг

Bobby Santiago (The Loud House).png
Бобби Сантьяго

Radik Mukhametzyanov
Vito Filliponio (The Loud House).png
Вито Филипонио

File:Mr. Nakamura (The Loud House).png
мистер Накамура

Maria Santiago (The Loud House).png
Мария Сантьяго

Lina Ivanova
Carlitos Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Карлитос Касагранде

Sid Chang (The Loud House).png
Сид Ченг

File:Sameer (The Loud House).png

Arturo Santiago (The Loud House).png
Артуро Сантьяго

Alexey Kostrichkin
File:Stanley Chang (The Loud House).png
Стэнли Ченг

Rosa Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Роза Касагранде

Larisa Brokhman
File:Becca Chang (The Loud House).png
Бекка Ченг

File:Casey (The Loud House).png

Hector Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Гектор Касагранде

Diomid Vinogradov
Carlos Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Карлос Касагранде

Sergio (The Loud House).png

Frida Puga Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Фрида Пуга Касагранде

Anastasia Lapina
Carlota Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Карлота Касагранде

Carlino Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Карлино Касагранде

File:Nikki (The Loud House).png

Carlos Jr. Casagrande (The Loud House).png
Карлос «Си Джей» Касагранде

Yuri Aristov
Technical staff
Konstantin Sapronenkov
Yuri Vatskovsky
Radik Mukhametzyanov
Diomid Vinogradov



  • CJ's Russian voice actor, Yuri Aristov, also has Down's Syndrome just like his original voice actor.

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