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Мой шумный дом is the Russian dub of The Loud House. It debuted on Nickelodeon's Russian feed on May 28, 2016 and its Central and Eastern European feed on August 29 the same year. It is also available online on Okko and

On April 28, 2022, Nickelodeon ceased broadcasting in Russia amid the country's invasion of Ukraine, yet it continues to broadcast in the other post-Soviet states (excluding Turkmenistan). Therefore, episode premieres and reruns of this dub are still broadcast on the channel to this day.


Character Actor
Lincoln Loud (The Loud House).png
Линкольн Лауд

Lina Ivanova
Sam Sharp (The Loud House).png
Сэм Шарп

Lori Loud (The Loud House).png
Лори Лауд

Anastasia Lapina
Leni Loud (The Loud House).png
Лени Лауд

Lola Loud (The Loud House).png
Лола Лауд

Rita Loud (The Loud House).png
Рита Лауд

File:Rusty Spokes (The Loud House).png
Расти Споукс

Stella (The Loud House).png

File:Scoots (The Loud House).png

Luna Loud (The Loud House).png
Луна Лауд

Natalia Frankova
Luan Loud (The Loud House).png
Луан Лауд

Lynn Loud (The Loud House).png
Линн Лауд

Lily Loud (The Loud House).png
Лили Лауд

Liam (The Loud House).png
Лиам Ханникатт

Girl Jordan (The Loud House).png

Lucy Loud (The Loud House).png
Люси Лауд

Larisa Brokhman
Lana Loud (The Loud House).png
Лана Лауд

Lisa Loud (The Loud House).png
Лиза Лауд

Clyde McBride (The Loud House).png
Клайд Макбрайд

Margo Roberts (The Loud House).png
Марго Роберц

Lynn Loud Sr. (The Loud House).png
Линн Лауд-старший

Radik Mukhametzyanov
Bobby Santiago (The Loud House).png
Бобби Сантьяго

Bud Grouse (The Loud House).png
Бад Гроус

Principal Huggins (The Loud House).png
Wilbur Huggins

File:Mick Swagger (The Loud House).png
Мик Шляггер

Howard McBride (The Loud House).png
Говард Макбрайд

Diomid Vinogradov
Ronnie Anne Santiago (The Loud House).png
Ронни Энн Сантьяго

Anastasia Lapina (S1E15, S1E18)
Natalia Frankova (S1E22–present)
Albert (The Loud House).png

Radik Mukhametzyanov
Diomid Vinogradov (S3E2)
Flip (The Loud House).png

Radik Mukhametzyanov
Diomid Vinogradov (S3E3)
File:Coach Pacowski (The Loud House).png
Coach Pacowski

Radik Mukhametzyanov (S1E19)
Diomid Vinogradov (S2E14–present)
Agnes Johnson (The Loud House).png
Агнес Джонсон

Larisa Brokhman (S1E5)
Anastasia Lapina (S1E11–present)
Chunk (The Loud House).png

Radik Mukhametzyanov
Alexey Kostrichkin (S3E3)
Additional voices
Alyona Andronova
Alexandra Ostroukhova
Aliya Nasyrova
Darya Frolova
Denis Nekrasov
Dmitry Filimonov
Pyotr Kovrizhnykh
Sergey Chikhachyov
Diomid Vinogradov
Radik Mukhametzyanov
Technical staff
Konstantin Sapronenkov
Yuri Vatskovsky
Theme song performers
Yevgeniy Drayer
Anastasia Pugach


  • Episodes featuring Clyde's fathers Howard and Harold and Luna's girlfriend Sam are banned from airing for depicting same-sex relationships, because the dissemination of LGBT content to under-18s is prohibited by law in Russia, where same-sex relationships are not recognized.
  • However, there have been several exceptions:
    • The episodes "Friendzy", "What Wood Lincoln Do?" and "Cooked!" were aired, as Howard, Harold and Sam appeared, but had no speaking roles.
    • "Antiqued Off" was aired, giving Howard a speaking role in the dub, as Harold did not appear. His lines "knowledge you've learned from your Dad and me" and "Did you hear that, Hare-bear?" were changed to "knowledge you've learned from me" and "Did you hear that, darling? (in Russian, the word "darling" is attributed to females) to censor any references to his husband.
    • "Deep Cuts", "Snoop's On", "Band Together" and "Lori Days" were aired, giving Sam a speaking role in this dub, as her relationship with Luna was not brought up.
      • However, "Antiqued Off" and "Deep Cuts" are not included on Okko and, likely out of caution.
  • In "Undercover Mom", Luna's line "My girlfriend Sam and I..." was changed to "My friend Sam and I..." to censor any references to their relationship.


  • In the episode "Job Insecurity", Sergei says "nyet" (Russian for "no"), which Leni misinterpreted as "yes", only to get corrected by Lisa. In the dub, Sergei's voice actor (Diomid Vinogradov) pronounces his "nyet" with the similar accent as in the original (that is, "n′yet"), thus distancing from the traditionally-written word in the Russian language.

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