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فینیس و فرب is one of several Persian dubs of Phineas and Ferb. It is available on DVD and the Iranian streaming service Filimo.

Like the Parsian Translation House dub and a great majority of Persian dubs, it is unofficial and not associated with Disney. The theme song is not the same as the other dubs and has a completely different tune. Alongside that, episodes typically have entirely different sound effects and music.

A difference between this dub and the Parsian Translation House dub is that this version dubs the songs, albeit with different instrumentals. A simplistic localized logo exists on DVD covers.


Character Actor
Unidentified voices
Keyvan Asgari
Mina Khaleghi
Mohammad Motazedi
Samin Mozaffari
Shadi Hashem Lou


Filimo has added its own edits to the episodes of this dub. This is commonly for scenes where female characters are showing the skin of their arms, legs or are in bikinis. Filimo removes these scenes by either cropping 'immorally dressed' female characters out of shots, or replacing the shots that include them with previous shots that take place in the same scene.

Candace Flynn is often a victim of this censorship, since she is usually edited to have short sleeves and a longer skirt. Some shots simply just crop out her legs or her body entirely.

However, this censorship can be quite inconsistent at times, since there are scenes where Candace and other characters are not censored at all.