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ポールのミラクル大作戦 is a Japanese anime series by Tatsunoko Productions.

International versions of the show are distributed by Doro TV Merchandising, a subsidiary of Mondo TV.

International versions

Language Title Channels
Unknown - head.png Arabic unknown Saudi 2
ポールのミラクル大作戦 - opening title card (Italian).png Bulgarian Вълшебният свят на Пол Diema (formerly)
Eurocom (formerly)
Solo TV (formerly)
Unknown - head.png Cantonese 波仔奇遇記 ATV (formerly)
Unknown - head.png English Paul in Fantasy Land GMA 7
ABC2 (formerly)
7Two (formerly)
Unknown - head.png Finnish unknown Nickelodeon
Unknown - head.png French unknown France 3
Unknown - head.png German unknown ATV (formerly)
ポールのミラクル大作戦 - DVD cover (Greek).png Greek Ο Πωλ στον Κόσμο των Παιχνιδιών unknown
Unknown - head.png Hindi unknown Hungama TV
Unknown - head.png Indonesian unknown Spacetoon
ポールのミラクル大作戦 - opening title card (Italian).png Italian Il fantastico mondo di Paul Various regional Italian TV Channels
Italia 1
Italia Teen Television
Unknown - head.png Korean 이상한 나라의 폴 TBC (formerly)
SBS (formerly)
KBS (formerly)
EBS (formerly)
Unknown - head.png Mandarin (Taiwan)
(CTS Version)
小寶歷險記 CTS (formerly)
Unknown - head.png Mandarin (Taiwan)
(JET TV version)
保羅歷險記 JET TV (formerly)
ポールのミラクル大作戦 - opening title card (Italian).png Persian
unknown Hod Hod Farsi TV
ポールのミラクル大作戦 - opening title card (Italian).png Polish
Fantastyczny świat Paula Polonia 1
Unknown - head.png Spanish (Spain) Las aventuras de Paul Tele 7
ポールのミラクル大作戦 - opening title card (Italian).png Turkish Fantastico Fanatik Çizgi Film (YouTube channel)