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快傑ゾロ is a 1996 animated TV series.


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International versions

Language Title Channels
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Arabic أسطورة زورو Various regional channels in the Arab League countries (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Cantonese 蒙面俠蘇洛傳 TVB Jade (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png English The Legend of Zorro Nine Network (formerly)
9Go! (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - title card (French).png French Zorro, la légende continue TF1 (formerly)
Mangas (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png German Z wie Zorro RTL II (formerly)
Anixe (formerly)
Your Family Entertainment (formerly)
RiC (formerly)
The Legend of Zorro - DVD cover (Greek).png Greek
Ο Μύθος του Ζορό ERT3 (formerly)
Smile TV (formerly)
Vergina TV (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Greek
Ο Θρύλος του Ζορρό Smile TV (formerly)
Vergina TV (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Italian La leggenda di Zorro Canale 5 (formerly)
Italia 1 (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - title card (Korean).png Korean 쾌걸 조로 SBS (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Mandarin (Taiwan) 蒙面俠蘇洛傳 CTV (formerly)
Longxiang Film Station (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Persian افسانه زورو unknown
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Polish Zorro Polonia 1 (formerly)
Super 1 (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Portuguese (Brazil) A Lenda do Zorro Rede Record (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Portuguese (Portugal) Zorro TVI (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Russian Легенда о Зорро Detsky Mir (formerly)
Cartoon Network (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Spanish (Latin America) La leyenda del Zorro Galavisión (formerly)
Cinema Platino Plus (formerly)
TVC (formerly)
Telemundo (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Spanish (Spain) La leyenda del Zorro Antena 3 (formerly)
Canal Sur (formerly)
Canal 2 Andalucía (formerly)
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Turkish Zorro Efsanesi unknown
快傑ゾロ - logo (English).png Ukrainian
Легенда про Зорро Malyatko TV (formerly)