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A casa dei Loud is the Italian dub of The Loud House. It debuted on Nickelodeon in Italy on June 8, 2016.


Character Actor[1]
Lincoln Loud (The Loud House).png
Lincoln Loud

Alessio De Filippis
Lori Loud (The Loud House).png
Lori Loud

Jolanda Granato
Lana Loud (The Loud House).png
Lana Loud

Leni Loud (The Loud House).png
Leni Loud

Giuliana Atepi
Lisa Loud (The Loud House).png
Lisa Loud

Luna Loud (The Loud House).png
Luna Loud

Elena Perino
Luan Loud (The Loud House).png
Luan Loud

Irene Multari
Lynn Loud (The Loud House).png
Lynn Loud

Giada Bonanomi
Lily Loud (The Loud House).png
Lily Loud

Lucy Loud (The Loud House).png
Lucy Loud

Gea Riva
Lola Loud (The Loud House).png
Lola Loud

Monica Volpe
Lynn Loud Sr. (The Loud House).png
Lynn Loud Sr.

Luca Ghignone
Rita Loud (The Loud House).png
Rita Loud

Katia Follesa (S1E1–13)
Lucia Valenti (S1E14–present)
Clyde McBride (The Loud House).png
Clyde McBride

Andrea Rotolo
Howard McBride (The Loud House).png
Howard McBride

Davide Fumagalli
Harold McBride (The Loud House).png
Harold McBride

Walter Rivetti
Bud Grouse


Chunk (The Loud House).png

Bobby Santiago (The Loud House).png
Bobby Santiago

Alessandro Germano
Ronnie Anne Santiago (The Loud House).png
Ronnie Anne Santiago

Tiziana Martello
Rusty Spokes (The Loud House).png
Rusty Spokes
Raggio Arrugginito (S1E10a)

Gianandrea Muià
Benny Stein (The Loud House).png
Benny Stein

Liam (The Loud House).png
Liam Hunnicutt

Tania De Domenico
Sam Sharp (The Loud House).png
Sam Sharp

Zach Gurdle

Annalisa Longo
Margo Roberts (The Loud House).png
Margo Roberts

Stella Zhau

Ilaria Silvestri
Girl Jordan (The Loud House).png

Veronica Cuscusa

Gianni Gaude
Agnes Johnson

Lucia Valenti
Wilbur Huggins

Marco Balzarotti
Additional voices
Cinzia Massironi
Ester Parrulli
Fabrizio Valezano
Grazia Migneco
Marlene De Giovanni
Maura Marenghi
Maurizio De Girolamo
Micaela Incitti
Patrizia Mottola
Renata Bertolas
Stefano Dallavalle


  • Like the Albanian, Finnish, French, Hebrew and Korean dubs, the episode title cards are localized.
  • In this dub, Lincoln and Clyde are voiced by adult men.
  • In this dub, Luan speaks in a high-pitched voice that often borders on a mocking falsetto, which somehow fits with her character's constant barrage of lame puns and overall annoying attitude.
  • The only voice actors credited in the ending credits are that of the Loud family members and Clyde, but the credits for "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" also credit CJ's voice actor. The Casagrande story arc episodes in Season 4 also have different ending credits listing Bobby, Ronnie Anne, Hector, Rosa, Carlos, CJ and Sid.

Errors and inconsistencies

  • In the intro, the English logo is shown for a split second, before the screen goes black and shows the localized logo.
  • In the ending credits up to "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", Luan's voice actress is credited as "Irene Multar" instead of "Irene Multari".
  • Mick Swagger's name was localized as "Mick Spaccone" when it was mentioned for the first time in "Making the Case", but it was left in English in every other episode.
  • Rusty Spokes' name was literally translated as "Raggio Arrugginito" in his first appearance, as the translators probably thought it was his biker nickname. In later episodes, he keeps his original name.
  • Flip's smoothie, the Flippee, usually keeps its English name, but in "Intern for the Worse" it was localized as "Flappé" (a portmanteau of Flip and Frappé).
  • Lucy's favorite show, The Vampires of Melancholia, was originally translated as "Vampiri e Malinconia" ("Vampires and Melancholy"), but later on it was changed to a more faithful "I vampiri di Malinconia", with the last word being pronounced differently to make it clear that it's a place whose name sounds like "Melancholy".
  • The Morticians Club's name has been localized as "Club dei funerali" ("Funeral Club"), "Club dei becchini" ("Undertaker Club"), "Club dei giovani becchini" ("Young Undertakers Club"), "Mortiferi Club" ("Club of the Deadly Ones") and "Becchini Junior" ("Junior Undertakers").

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