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Alter Channel was a Greek nation-wide television channel that was operated by Eleftheri Tileorasi SA. It started operating as Kanali 5 in 1994, and it was headed by George Kouris (owner of the Avriani and Filathlos newspapers). It was renamed to Alter 5 in 1999, and received its final name the next year.[1][2] From the early 2000's, George and his son, Andreas Kouris, as well as Modern Times, a publishing company run by Kostas Giannikos (who was also the CEO of Alter since 2001), had the majority of shares in the company, in total. In 2010, employees started having their salaries unreceived; as a result, a scandal regarding counterfeit money, tax fraud, and over-invoicing of foreign and original programs that occurred from agreements of Times with advertising corporations and Alter that dated back to 2003, was dragged up again.

Devasted with the failure of executing a business plan that would ensure their payment, despite Alter temporarily entering Article 99 of the Greek Insolvency Law which would supposedly ensure that, the employees axed evermore the programming flow of the station on 2011-11-29; it was replaced with cards that were used to expose Kouris and Giannikos, and demand to be fully paid back. The station's signal was completely shut down in early 2012, and Eleftheri Tileorasi fell into bankruptcy on 2013-09-12.[3]

The station employed well-known journalists such as Nikos Chatzinikolaou (presenter of the main news bulletin), Makis Triantafyllopoulos (Zougla, Kitrinos Typos), Kostas Chardavellas (Oi Pyles tou Aneksigitou), Giorgos Aftias (Kalimera), Akis Paulopoulos (Simera, To Party Tis Zois Sou) and Aggeliki Nikolouli, which hosted the award-winning show Fos sto Tounel. Kosmas Sfaelos was the head of newscasts in the station since 2001.[4] Alter would also air on its kids' block video clips from bands formed by Giannikos, such as Zouzounia and Mazoo and the Zoo.


Kanali 5 was launched in 1994; before that, another channel that Eleftheri Tileorasi was operating since 1990, Kanali 29, had been bought out by the Vardinogiannis family, and subsequently became today's Star Channel.

In 2000-07, Alter 5, with the help of Thanasis Athanasoulis (owner of IT company Altec), got listed on the Athens Stock Exchange;[5] later the same year, it's headquarters moved from Tauros to Mpournazi, Peristeri, Attica.[6] On 2000-10-29, Alter 5 was rebranded as Alter, now under the leadership of Athanasoulis and his partner, Giorgos Valsamides[1]

On 2001-09-24, Kostas Giannikos, having left the position of CEO on Star Channel, becomes the CEO of Alter.[7] Later, head of newscasts on Star Kostas Sfaelos also leaves the channel, to become employed on the same position on Alter.

In Summer of 2003, the shares of the wives of Athanasoulis and Valsamides (which were in place of the latter due to them being public sector suppliers, and thus being unable to own a station due to the law) get transferred to George and Andreas Kouris, and Modern Times,[8] after Kouris accussed Athanasoulis of fraud (resulting in the discovery of tax fraud practices by Greece's Financial Crimes Squad).[9] George Kouris also sells his other station, Extra Channel, to entrepreneur Phillip Vriones.[10]

In Summer of 2008, the logo of Alter changed from one with yellow fading, to a completely white one.[11]

Due to serious financial difficulties, Alter filed for Article 99 of the Greek Insolvency Law on 2011-05-06, so full payment of the employees and protection from the creditors can be ensured;[12] the request was accepted on 2011-08-12.[13] The channel was set to broadcast a dub of Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies under license by Elastic Rights, in 2011-09,[14] but due to the former filing for Article 99, the deal collapsed, and later, ERT got the rights to the show.[15]

On 2011-05-11, a card appeared through the channel, from 9 to 11pm: "The employees of ALTER aren't slaves. They demand their earned [money] NOW. NO MORE DECEIT!". The unpaid since February employees decided to show it following a meeting they had; the card was ultimately broadcast after approval by the station's heads.[16] The same card was broadcast again on 2011-11-28, alongside prerecorded programming and commercials (Kostas Giannikos also promised to the representatives of the employees that the ones advertising corporations of him and Kouris wouldn't air anymore) airing in between;[17] However, said promise was ultimately not observed and cards started airing the next day at 10pm in place of the programming,[18][19] making it the last time Alter is normally broadcasting.

On 2011-12-06, Kostas Giannikos announced his resignation from the position of CEO. Although, it was not accepted at first,[20] a new board of directors was composed in 2012-01. The analog signal of Alter from the broadcasting center of Ymittos was shut down on 2012-02-09, as ordered by them. As of early 2012,the signal of the station had been completely shut down across Greece.

In 2013-08, a card started airing from the broadcasting center of Parnitha, in analog frequency 62 (owned by Alter): "ALTER: Soon again around you"; it was preceeded by a deal with George Kouris and 300 employees from Alter to reopen the channel.[21] Nothing happened afterwards, as Eleftheri Tileorasi fell into bankruptcy a month later, on 2013-09-12, after a request by 206 employees of Alter.


  • An older news opening that was broadcast from 2002 till 2007 utilized a portion from variants of the 1999 ITV News theme, composed by David Graham Hewson and Johnny Pearson.
    • The exact same theme as the one used on the aforementioned opening is still used as the news theme of Cypriot TV station and former associate Extra TV Cyprus.


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