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Umairbinislam Umairbinislam 1 day ago

Making new voices in Studiopolis

The new voices in Studiopolis and it was going to see with the first appearance like:

Amber Lee Connors

Kira Buckland

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I have something to say.

Hey, I'm RaisinsLasagna. I'm one of the alts of my already-deactivated oldest Wikia account, and I'm now helping contributing to my pages of Hebrew dubs. I didn't understand Ishim website very well seriously, so information on my Hebrew dub pages could probably wrong but, Google Translate only translate some correctly, while some were incorrectly so I can't uses those incorrect-translated information. I'm not actually made bad edits on purpose but AniShalev still didn't believe me, as the admin though I'm lying while I'm seriously about and learned my lesson. I'm really sorry about that. But, if one didn't help even someone who isn't Hebrew, like me, one of the alts of my already-deactivated oldest Wikia account, and leaving out my dub pag…

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Plagglangz Plagglangz 17 days ago

moomin pages to write

dont mind this, i just need to remind myself what pages to write

moominvalley - finnish, italian, hebrew (maybe?), danish, swedish, japanese, northern sami

moomin 90s - finnish (1991 and 2017), french, norwegian, northern sami

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Mickiewicz rocks Mickiewicz rocks 25 days ago



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Fulalal Fulalal 27 days ago

Woody Woodpecker is dubbed Romanian

The New Woody Woodpecker Show will be dubbed in Romanian in maybe mid-late/late 2022, or 2023?

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 3 May

How To Upload PROPER Images

Hello. I have been noticing a frequent increase in character images being added to the wiki, as well as an increase in those who do not understand how to properly upload images.

Here is a guide on what you SHOULD do:

  • DO upload a .png file, for consistency.
  • DO crop the image to 300x300, or a perfect square.
  • DO ensure that the photo in question is a screenshot from the show, and also not one lazily taken from YouTube or the first Google search result (if it does not look passable).
  • DO make sure that the image in question is acceptable. An example of one that would not be okay is a character mid-blinking.
  • DO ensure that the quality of the photo is as high or acceptable as you can get it.
  • DO focus on the head part, but not too close, showing a bit of shoulder.
  • DO…
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SpongeBoi, Me Bob SpongeBoi, Me Bob 24 April

Where would I be able to stream Nick CEE for free?

Just asking

(Also, go to Europe and/or pay for it are valid answers, but I'll answer with "lol okay")

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 14 April

MLP TYT Episodes (for dubs that don't have a page)

  • 1 Arabic
  • 2 Cantonese
  • 3 Danish
  • 4 Dutch
  • 5 Finnish
  • 6 Notes

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Hustonwfhh12 Hustonwfhh12 28 March

Digimon dubs that should have been

I have gotten to the digimon franchise at minimum

So here's a list of dubs for the franchise that should have happened but they didn't

Brazilian dubs-7 th series

Bulgarian dubs

Catalan dubs

Croatian dubs series 2-7

Danish dubs- series 3-7

Dutch dubs- series 3-7

English dub- appmon series

Finnish dubs- series 5-7

French dubs- series 4-6 (i think)

Galacian dubs

Hindi dubs- 5-7

Hungarian dubs- series 5-7

Icelandic dubs

Latvian dubs

Lithuanian dubs

Norwegian dubs- series 3-7

Polish dubs series 2-7

Romanian dubs series 3-7

Russian dubs

Serbian dubs- series 2-5 7

Swedish dubs- series 3-7

Turkish dubs- series 2-7

Ukrainian dubs

Movies- International dubs

Tri movies- International dubs (not just the German dubs)

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MataNui4451 MataNui4451 27 February

A note from Nuii.

Is anyone are reading the note here?

Welp, I'm MataNui4451 (formerly FishyLah4451), but you can also call me Nui or Nuii.

Recently, I decided to quit the FANDOM Wikia (or tried to be inactive but still working a bit) due to Russian's recent invasion of the Ukraine, which is one of my biggest worries and were keep following the news about the invasion. It's not only that, but it doesn't help that I've already deactivated my account and were currently still activated for a few weeks.

I've tried to finish my unfinished pages on Spanish version of this wiki (with Google Translate due to my less knowledge of Spanish) as soon as I could possible not to be distracted. Also, My online activity has been limited by my parents because of their suspicion…

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Plagglangz Plagglangz 3 February

bloggy blog

oh hey you made it to my blogpost

- my name is alexey, or plagg, idc what you call me

- i am 17, i am a minor as of writing this, on june 7, i'll be 18 on july 3

- i use they/them and fae/faer

- i live in the uk

- i sometimes edit on other pages, most of the time i create and edit a lot when it comes to moomin/moominvalley. maybe i'll start on miraculous pages soon

- i am on the autism spectrum

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R&BFan65 R&BFan65 16 January


Píkúlí is a Icelandic dub of Pikkuli

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 16 January

NEW Changes to the Wiki!

It's a new year, new us. We've been working on a lot of changes to the Dubbing Database over the past few weeks, and we felt like it was finally appropriate to inform you all on where we're at!

Our first major change is that we now have new templates for many purposes. Infobox media serves as the main infobox for any media, including shows and films, which can now be clarified under "type".

The biggest change is that we are abandoning the old cast list; now have a proper cast list template, so that we don't have to force the - template on multiple pages, and it works better for width, having audio samples, and more than one character image file. Technical information gets separated with its own template, so that the main template isn't too c…

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Fragce Fragce 11 January


idk i just want the badge lol

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Un nombre normal xd Un nombre normal xd 5 January

Test of the new format of cast template


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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 8 December 2021

New Discord server

We figured that we might as well have a community to talk about dubs and the wiki together, so come join us! Please read the rules before joining.

EDIT: You can only join if you have edited on the Dubbing Database. We want people who are involved in the community in the server. If you want a general place to communicate about dubs, please visit OOCID.

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A6amH394zy A6amH394zy 3 December 2021


Testing. Testing.

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TheDubHorse TheDubHorse 1 December 2021

I've got a lucky edit badge!

Hey guys! I've got a "Lucky Edit" badge for 232,000 edit! This is a unique badge, because 1 person has it, and that person is me. I'm so happy!

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Kid roko Kid roko 14 November 2021

Chalkzone Russian hungary Romania dub

Here is good News

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 2 November 2021

PLEASE expand articles!

This is going to be a quick one.

I wanted to make an announcement to explain where some articles have gone. Among all other changes, some of them were deleted because they are simply stub pages, ones with no substance. And this wiki of all wikis does NOT need that.

All I ask is that if there is a page you feel can use saving, and you want to put enough research to do so, then by all means go for it. I'm not giving anyone time to do this, these pages as is has little or no value so we are mass deleting them now, but you are most definitely allowed to bring them back at any time you'd like if you have something to actually offer.

NOT EVERY STUB PAGE IS GETTING DELETED! If your stub page has at least enough valuable information, context, anything

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TheBritishBuilder2003 TheBritishBuilder2003 22 October 2021

Hi, Welcome to My Blog. and This is my blog.

This is forever blog, So stay tuned for fun.

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 12 October 2021

Last important change (For now)


Before I start, not everyone saw my comment, so I will also add that channel pages are staying, but will also go through a slight revamp if needed, since we're also working on better categories, and as mentioned before it would be pretty ridiculous to have to have a list including every dub that has a page when we already have the category for it with the same purpose. Country pages are going. IPA is going away too (good riddance) so it would be nice if we could get more people to pitch in this category. Thank you.

By now you have may have noticed that we are finally getting rid of character pages, for yet again the simple reason that they've outlived what little usefulness they have. Fandom isn't just some program you can input d…

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JazzyBlues JazzyBlues 10 October 2021

Some new discovery

I'm trying to find the foreign dubs/subtitles for Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse and there appears to have been several:

  • Brazilian Portuguese (title is "O Primeiro Filme da Polly!")
  • Latin American Spanish (title is "¡La primera película de Polly!")
  • French (definitely European)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Castilian Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Hebrew (?)
  • Hungarian?
  • Albanian?
  • also released in Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada

oh, and most of these were released on direct to video

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 7 October 2021

More changes

NOTE: Please check this blog as well by one of our admins, about certain unlicensed dubs being tackled on the wiki. Don't want to flush that one out.

Hello! We're still making important changes as we move towards the future of the wiki. Currently I am working on removing and editing Stub articles that are not notable enough or could be fixed, respectively.

If you've ever looked at my profile, you may have noticed that I compiled a list of the bare basics of articles that are expected to be tackled on the wiki. You can get it more in depth from my profile but summarizing it quickly, it's this:

  • Media
  • People
  • Characters
  • Dubbing studios
  • Songs

But the two types of articles I did not list (that we hadn't publicly spoken out against before) are Countries and …

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Katzenbär Katzenbär 2 October 2021

In regards of unlicensed dubs/voice-overs

It has come to the attention of various members of the Dubbing Database's staff that users (and sometimes, even ourselves) don't exactly know how to handle international versions of media that have been translated without the consent of the copyright owners - in short terms, illegal dubs.

Our rules about these are currently unclear. Obviously, we don't intend to include fanmade dubs in the wiki - but what determines the difference between what's considered an unlicensed dub and a fandub? The line is very blurry. Take these different cases as examples:

  • Illegal Persian dubs: it's widely known that legal Persian dubs aren't the norm. In fact, it's quite the opposite, as finding an official dub in this language is pretty uncommon. These are typica…
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M3ccc M3ccc 23 September 2021

join this wiki

im new to this wiki

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ScotchTheNewObject ScotchTheNewObject 16 September 2021

Kit and Kate (Japanese, Subtitles)

|title_other = |logo = Kit and Kate - logo (English).png |logo_caption = Original logo |show = Kit and Kate |channel = |service = VideoMarket Japan |service_note = |- | class="episode-table-color" |53 (1) |帽子を無くしちゃった! |The Right Fluff | class="episode-table-color" | |- | class="episode-table-color" |54 (2) |火を吹くドラゴン! |My First Flame | class="episode-table-color" | |- | class="episode-table-color" |55 (3) |かっこいいカニの王様! |One Crabby Day | class="episode-table-color" | |- | class="episode-table-color" |56 (4) |魔法使いのジーニー! |Gone Wishing | class="episode-table-color" | |- | class="episode-table-color" |57 (5) |イカの惑星! |The Space Squid Kid | class="episode-table-color" | |- | class="episode-table-color" |58 (6) |なくした靴下はどこへ? |Land of the Lost Socks | class="ep…

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Mr. Percytastic Mr. Percytastic 9 September 2021

My First Blog

Hi, Welcome to my Account.

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 6 September 2021

New wiki proposal

As we're currently trying to work out proper guidelines for the wiki (yes, we are doing it), and are trying to set a consistent tone, I feel the need to remind everyone that this is a dubbing wiki. Not a wiki about books, subtitles, no-dialogue video games, M&E tracks, remakes and adaptations (with no dub-able content, so Blue's Clues, you're safe), or everything else other than dubs and what makes them.

I know. We've had that discussion various times, and so I'm going to make it brief. There is a lot of content we're going to have to cut back on, meaning that there are some pages we may have to delete to properly fit the rebrand of a dubbing database.

But why let such important information go to waste, when sites like Wikipedia wouldn't even a…

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NunyaBizness545 NunyaBizness545 22 August 2021

The Doodlebops

Hey! I'm making a page for the Canadian series called "The Doodlebops", anyone want to help me?

So far the dubs are French, Spanish (presumably Latin American), Gaelic/Irish and Mandarin (possible voice-over?) The ones that are known to exist are Brazilian Portuguese and Italian.

I have set up a International Doodlebops category on the Doodlebops Wiki.

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Rungradaas Rungradaas 18 August 2021


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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 12 August 2021

Let's talk about some other things

As a wiki, I think many of us can agree that we don't have our priorities straight when it comes to having set rules/guidelines for the wiki. Everything is either secretly passed around to half of the community, or "made up" as we go.

So of course, we want this to change in the upcoming weeks. But before that does, we have to discuss some of these as a community, so that nothing is too sudden, and everybody is informed.

  • So for starters, you may have noticed that one of our admins, AniShalev has been doing amazing coding work to prepare for FandomDesktop. He has made the dark mode on the wiki usable, and has adjusted the episode list template, and other things. I bring this up because among these changes, he has done some tests on the date te…

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AniShalev AniShalev 28 July 2021

The wiki has been renamed!

Hello there! This is a short post regarding the last blog post. So after many votes to a new name, and with approval of CrypticalFiery, the name of the wiki was changed. Its new name is The Dubbing Database! (and DubDB or D.D.B. in short).

In addition, the link of the wiki, which used to be, now redirects to The logo was also remade for this purpose.

As a reminder, the format of the wiki is staying the same way. Nothing other than the name and the logo is changing.

Have a nice day!

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 27 July 2021

Let's discuss a wiki name change

Hello. So as you've probably noticed. the International Entertainment Project isn't really a project about international entertainment anymore. The name is so vague that people would constantly make pages on video games with obviously no useful dialogue, subtitles, even M&E tracks.

This is why I'm here to propose a name change (as approved by CrypticalFiery and a few other admins behind-the-scenes). We've all felt that while the abbreviation IEP stuck, it doesn't really.. make sense now. Tackling things like subtitles on a wiki primarily about dubbing makes zero sense and seems useless anyways since there's not much to write about subtitles and things like it. Therefore, the name feels misleading now, because really, it's all about dubbing …

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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 10 July 2021

Why did they delete my file called Ugliest Dog?

Just read the title

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ClausTheCool ClausTheCool 20 June 2021



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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 17 June 2021

My PC always freezes

Hey there, do you know one of the many Windows freezing errors? Well my PC always gets that type of freezing error, that type of freezing error occured randomly out of nowhere in my PC, making everything freeze, including the screen, taskbar and cursor. Which sometimes got me into the BSOD. I found the last minidump in the Windows files but it didn't help me! This could be one of Windows' lies, the time it takes for my PC to freeze is unpredictable, i tried to try to solve this error, but no avail. I tried solving it by putting 2 pencils under my computer, i put them in the locations where the little rectangular/squared holes are. These holes have some stuff of heating matter in them, meaning if i put my hand on them, it burns like CRAZY. H…

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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 7 June 2021

Guess what i found...

It's an albanian noddy logo.

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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 6 May 2021


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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 5 May 2021

Someone deleted my blog post

Why did it happen

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CrypticalFiery CrypticalFiery 5 May 2021

Change of plans

Hi. Logging back in to say that I've thought about some things over the month of April and I've finally come to a decision that we're not moving to Miraheze. Frankly, we were not ready yet to make a move like that in the first place. And I was starting to regret the idea of the move in the first place. But I'm mostly making this decision because I came to realize that I only did so at a place of fear, and made the bold impulsive decision - without discussing it with the community.

We are a community, and I truly should have asked and gave people time to react before I decided to make the decision in the first place. I know some people were confused and dreading the thought of having to move, and I understand that and I'm sorry for any troub…

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Kevin Gene B. Francisco Kevin Gene B. Francisco 2 May 2021

Sitting down

Sitting on a chair

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WoeisWingbat WoeisWingbat 28 April 2021

Episode list Miraheze move

Hello. As I'm sure not all of you knew yet, the IEP Wiki (this current one) is changing the way that we handle episode lists. From now on, we've thought about a much simpler system/template that will help us moving forward, instead of the complicated system that we had before.

Episode lists are to look like how they do here, for original version pages. For dub pages, they should look like this or this for the most part, though they can also look like this, if the order that the channel broadcasts it in is incredibly out of order from the original.

For those worried about where episode title cards are going to go, refer to here, where we have a Gallery section for a reason.

Individual episode pages and episode lists (that have their own page) …

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Jackthomasmoore Jackthomasmoore 14 April 2021

How to spot a Chickenandbottle Sockpuppet

  1. Make sure that the Usernames are the "(X)and(Y)" types.
  2. Make sure that they have similar Grammar when they edit pages.
  3. Make sure their PFPs are the Original Blank Ones at times.
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CrypticalFiery CrypticalFiery 21 March 2021

The Future of the IEP

On March 19, 2021, my old Fandom account that I had abandoned, the one that I used to create this very wiki, was hacked. My address was spread on this wiki by the hacker, everything including its physical appearance was changed, hate speech was said, and most importantly, everyone's hard work was deleted. Fandom was contacted about this, and have taken the right measures to ensure everything is working as it should. However, I am sorry for those who have had to see this happen, and for not taking extra measures to protect my old accounts. None of the edits that were made to this wiki were made by me, obviously; and it is a shame that these people are so obsessed with the idea of taking me down that they've decided to raid the very place th…

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Zb1acc Zb1acc 16 March 2021

im sorry

im sorry i accidentally made a page for something that already has one

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Fenorav601 Fenorav601 5 March 2021

Cleopatar in Space

Cleopatra in Space

Cleopatra in Space

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RedaCEC RedaCEC 28 February 2021

My possible plans for all engines go by month


  • Japanese dub confirmation
  • Latin American Spanish Dub confirmation
  • French Dub confirmation


  • German dub confirmation


  • Swedish dub confirmation


  • European Spanish dub confirmation


  • Korean dub confirmation
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Timpbskid Timpbskid 15 February 2021

Can I join a whiteboard server if you users have one please

please let me join one

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NineTheSpartan NineTheSpartan 12 February 2021

Barbapapa (Senegalese French)

|logo = Barbapapa - logo (French).png |logo_caption = Original logo |channel = RTS |channel_link = RTS1 (Senegal) |show = Barbapapa |dub_identifier = French |country = Senegal |language = French |original_language = French |seasons = 2 |episodes = 100 |starring = Ousmane Sonko |run = 5 minutes |release = RTS |release_date = }} Barbapapa is the dub of Barbapapa. It previously aired on RTS in Senegal. It was dubbed in .

  • 1 Broadcast
  • 2 Cast
  • 3 Songs
  • 4 References

The dub was broadcasted on RTS in Senegal from to .

All the characters are voiced by the narrator, Ousmane Sonko.

|actor = Ousmane Sonko |audio = }}

|actor = Ousmane Sonko |audio = }}

|actor = Ousmane Sonko |audio = }}

|actor = Ousmane Sonko |audio = }}

|actor = Ousmane Sonko |audio = }}

|actor = Ousmane Sonko |audio = …

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