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Bonkers is an American animated television show produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and Toon City.


Character Actor
File:Bonkers D. Bobcat (Bonkers (1993)).png
Bonkers D. Bobcat

Jim Cummings
File:Fall Apart Rabbit (Bonkers (1993)).png
Fall Apart Rabbit

Frank Welker
File:Fawn Deer (Bonkers (1993)).png
Fawn Deer

Nancy Cartwright
File:Lucky Piquel (Bonkers (1993)).png
Lucky Piquel

Jim Cummings
File:Miranda Wright (Bonkers (1993)).png
Miranda Wright

Karla DeVito

International versions

Language Title Channels
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Albanian Bonkers Bang Bang (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (Cantonese).png Cantonese unknown Disney+
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Czech Zbrklík TV Nova (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Danish Bonkers DR1 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Dutch Bonkers RTL 4 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Finnish
Kahjokatti MTV3 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png French Bonkers TF1 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (German).png German Bonkers, der listige Luchs von Hollywood RTL (formerly)
Super RTL (formerly)
Toon Disney (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Greek Μπόνκερς Mega Channel (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Hindi Bonkers Zee TV (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Hungarian Gézengúz hiúz RTL Klub (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Indonesian Bonkers Indosiar (formerly)[2]
Bonkers (1993) - logo (Italian).png Italian Bonkers gatto combinaguai Canale 5 (formerly)
Rai 1 (formerly)
Rai 2 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Korean 꼬마경찰 봉커스 KBS2 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Mandarin (China) 邦卡猫 Dragon Club (formerly)
CCTV (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (Taiwanese Mandarin).png Mandarin (Taiwan) unknown Disney+
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Norwegian Bonkers NRK1 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Polish Szmergiel TVP1 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Portuguese (Brazil) Bonkers Rede Globo (formerly)
SBT (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Portuguese (Portugal)
Bonkers Disney+
Bonkers (1993) - logo (Russian).png Russian Чокнутый RTR (formerly)
STS (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Serbian Bonkers RTS 1 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Spanish (Latin America) Bonkers Panamericana Televisión (formerly)
Canal 4 (formerly)
La Red (formerly)
Teletica (formerly)
ATV (formerly)
Azteca 7 (formerly)
Telecanal (formerly)
Once TV (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Spanish (Spain) Bonkers La 1 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Swedish Bonkers Filmnet (formerly)
SVT1 (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (Telugu).png Telugu బోంకర్స్ Kushi TV (formerly)
Bonkers (1993) - logo (English).png Turkish Bonkers ATV (formerly)