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Braceface is a Canadian/American animated children's TV series. The show is all about a 13-year-old teenage girl named Sharon Spitz trying to survive 8th grade with her magical braces and teenage problems.Braceface debuted on Teletoon in Canada on 2001-06-02.


Character Actor
File:Sharon Spitz (Braceface).png
Sharon Spitz

Alicia Silverstone (seasons 1–2)
Stacey DePass (season 3)
File:Maria Wong (Braceface).png
Maria Wong

Marnie McPhail
File:Conner Mackenzie (Braceface).png
Conner Mackenzie

Peter Oldring
File:Alden Jones (Braceface).png
Alden Jones

Vince Corazza
File:Nina Harper (Braceface).png
Nina Harper

Katie Griffin
File:Adam Spitz (Braceface).png
Adam Spitz

Dan Petronijevic
File:Josh Spitz (Braceface).png
Josh Spitz

Michael Cera
File:Helen Spitz (Braceface).png
Helen Spitz

Tamara Bernier Evans
File:Alyson Malitski (Braceface).png
Alyson Malitski

Emily Hampshire

International versions

Language Title Channels
Braceface - logo (English).png Arabic برايس فيس MBC 3 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Basque Burdin Aho ETB 3 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Catalan Ferros a les dents K3 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Czech
Šaroniny trable Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Czech
Rovnátka SuperMax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Danish Braceface DR1 (formerly)
DR Ultra (formerly)
DR Ramasjang (formerly)
Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Dutch Beugelbekkie Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
VT4 (formerly)
Ketnet (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
RTL Telekids
Braceface - logo (English).png French Sourire d'enfer Télétoon (formerly)
France 3 (formerly)
Gulli (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png German Braceface — Alles klar, Sharon Spitz? Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
ProSieben (formerly)
ORF 1 (formerly)
Nickelodeon (formerly)
SF Zwei (formerly)
Nick Premium (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Hebrew
מגושרת Fox Kids[1] (formerly)
Nickelodeon (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Hungarian Sharon naplója Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (Italian).png Italian Sorriso d'argento Rai 2 (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
Frisbee (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Japanese ブレースフェイス STAR Plus Japan (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Mandarin (China) unknown Xing Kong (formerly)
Braceface - logo (Polish).png Polish Aparatka ZigZap/TeleTOON+ (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Portuguese (Brazil) Sorriso Metálico Rede Globo (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
NGT (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Portuguese (Portugal) Sorriso Metálico 2: (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Portuguese (Portugal)
Sorriso Metálico Canal Panda (formerly)
Biggs (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Romanian Zâmbetul lui Sharon Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Serbian Šeronin dnevnik Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (Latin American Spanish).png Spanish (Latin America) Dientes de lata Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
América TV (formerly)
TVN (formerly)
Paravisión (formerly)
Telesistema (formerly)
Canal 5 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Spanish (Spain) Sonrisa de acero Disney Channel (formerly)
Canal Panda (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Ukrainian
Кмітлива Шерон ICTV (formerly)