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Braceface is a Canadian/American animated children's TV series. The show is all about a 13-year-old teenage girl named Sharon Spitz trying to survive 8th grade with her magical braces and teenage problems.


Braceface debuted on Teletoon in Canada on 2001-06-02.


Character Actor
Sharon Spitz

Alicia Silverstone (seasons 1–2)
Stacey DePass (season 3)
Maria Wong

Marnie McPhail
Conner Mackenzie

Peter Oldring
Alden Jones

Vince Corazza
Nina Harper

Katie Griffin
Adam Spitz

Dan Petronijevic
Josh Spitz

Michael Cera
Helen Spitz

Tamara Bernier Evans
Alyson Malitski

Emily Hampshire

International versions

Language Title Channels
Braceface - logo (English).png Arabic Braceface MBC 3 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Basque Burdin Aho ETB 3 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Catalan Ferros a les dents K3 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Czech
Šaroniny trable Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Czech
Rovnátka SuperMax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Danish Braceface DR1 (formerly)
DR Ultra (formerly)
Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Dutch Beugelbekkie Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
VT4 (formerly)
Ketnet (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
RTL Telekids
Braceface - logo (English).png French Sourire d'enfer Télétoon (formerly)
France 3 (formerly)
Gulli (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png German Braceface — Alles klar, Sharon Spitz? Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
ProSieben (formerly)
ORF 1 (formerly)
Nickelodeon (formerly)
SF Zwei (formerly)
Nick Premium (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Hungarian Sharon naplója Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (Italian).png Italian Sorriso d'argento Rai 2 (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
Frisbee (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Japanese ブレースフェイス STAR Plus Japan (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Mandarin (China) unknown Xing Kong (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Polish Aparatka ZigZap/TeleTOON+ (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Portuguese (Brazil) Sorriso Metálico Rede Globo (formerly)
Disney Channel (formerly)
Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
NGT (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Portuguese (Portugal) Sorriso Metálico 2: (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Portuguese (Portugal)
Sorriso Metálico Canal Panda (formerly)
Biggs (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Romanian Zâmbetul lui Sharon Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Serbian Šeronin dnevnik Minimax (formerly)
Braceface - logo (Latin American Spanish).png Spanish (Latin America) Dientes de lata Fox Kids/Jetix (formerly)
América TV (formerly)
TVN (formerly)
Paravisión (formerly)
Telesistema (formerly)
Canal 5 (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Spanish (Spain) Sonrisa de acero Disney Channel (formerly)
Canal Panda (formerly)
Braceface - logo (English).png Ukrainian
Кмітлива Шерон ICTV (formerly)