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Calimero is a French-Italian-Japanese computer animated children's television series, based on the character of the same name by Nino Pagot, Toni Pagot and Ignazio Colnaghi. The series was produced by Gaumont Animation, Studio Campedelli, TV Tokyo and Kodansha. It was produced in 2013.


Calimero debuted in France on 2014-02-09 on TF1 during the TFOU programming block; its original run on the channel ended on 2015-04-20. It was moved to Disney Junior for its second season, which premiered on 2016-01-04, and ended on 2016-06-03.

In Quebec, Calimero began airing on Télé-Québec on 2016-01-04.


Character Actor
Calimero (Calimero).png

Fanny Bloc
Priscilla (Calimero).png

Naïke Fauveau
Valériano (Calimero).png

Georges de Vitis
Pierrot (Calimero).png

Pascal Sellem
Additional voices
Yannick Blivet
Dolly Vanden
Alexis Tomassian
Patrick Pellegrin
Céline Melloul

International versions

Language Title Channels
Calimero - logo (French).png Amharic ካሊሜሮ Canal+ Dikdik[1]
Calimero - logo (French).png Arabic Calimero Spacetoon[2]
Calimero - logo (French).png Catalan Calimero Super3 (formerly)[3]
Calimero - logo (French).png Dutch Calimero NPO 3 (NPO Zappelin block; formerly)[4]
Ketnet (formerly)[4]
Calimero - logo (French).png English Calimero Disney Junior (UK and Ireland) (formerly)
Disney Junior (Australia) (formerly)[4]
Disney Junior (Spain) (formerly; via SAP)
Calimero - logo (French).png German Calimero Super RTL (Toggo block)[4]
Calimero - logo (French).png Greek Καλιμέρο Το Κοτοπουλάκι Disney Junior (formerly)
Calimero - logo (French).png Hebrew קלימרו Hop! (formerly)[4]
Calimero - logo (French).png Icelandic Kormákur Stöð 2[5]
Calimero - logo (French).png Irish Calimero TG4 (Cúla4 na nÓg block; formerly)[6][7]
Calimero - logo (French).png Italian Calimero Rai 1 (formerly)
Rai Yoyo (formerly)
Disney Junior (formerly)[4]
Calimero - logo (Japanese).png Japanese カリメロ TV Tokyo (formerly)[4]
Calimero - logo (Korean).png Korean 칼리메로 Disney Channel (formerly)[8]
Disney Junior (formerly)
Calimero - logo (French).png Polish Calimero Disney Junior (formerly)
Calimero - logo (French).png Portuguese (Brazil) Calimero Discovery Kids (formerly)[4]
Calimero - logo (French).png Portuguese (Portugal) Calimero Disney Junior (formerly)
Calimero - logo (French).png Romanian Calimero Disney Junior (formerly)
Calimero - logo (French).png Russian Калимеро TiJi (formerly)[4]
Calimero - logo (French).png Serbian Kalimero RTS2 (formerly)
Pink Super Kids
Calimero - logo (French).png Slovak Calimero Jednotka
Calimero - logo (French).png Slovene Kalimero TV SLO 1
Calimero - logo (French).png Spanish (Latin America) Calimero Univisión (Planeta U block, formerly)
Discovery Kids (formerly)[4]
Calimero - logo (French).png Spanish (Spain) Calimero Disney Junior (formerly)
Calimero - logo (French).png Turkish Calimero Disney Junior (formerly)

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