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Denver, the Last Dinosaur is an American-French animated educational series made by World Events Productions and Groupe IDDH, which originally aired in syndication from September 12 to November 22, 1988. Episodes often focused on issues of conservation, ecology, and greed.

The series revolves around the adventures of Denver, the eponymous last dinosaur, who was released from his egg by a group of California teens: Jeremy, Mario, Shades, Wally, and Casey, along with tag-along younger sister, Heather. The kids taught Denver the finer points of skateboarding and other pastimes while protecting him from rock concert promoter Morton Fizzback who wanted to use the dinosaur to make money.

International versions

Language Title Channels
DenverLogo.png Arabic دينڤر unknown
DenverLogo.png Danish Denver - Den Sidste Dinosaurus[1] unknown
DenverLogo.png Finnish Denver, viimeinen dinosaurus Kolmoskanava (formerly)
MTV3 (formerly)
DenverLogo.png French Denver, le Dernier Dinosaure France 3 (formerly)
France 5 (formerly)
Direct 8 (formerly)[2]
DenverLogo.png German Denver, der letzte Dinosaurier RTL (formerly)[3]
RTL II (formerly)[4]
DenverLogo.png Hebrew דנבר הדינוזאור האחרון Channel 1 (formerly)[5]
DenverLogo.png Hungarian Denver, az utolsó dinoszaurusz M2 (formerly)
TV3 (formerly)
DenverLogo.png Italian
(1st dub)
Ti voglio bene Denver Italia 1 (formerly)
Canale 5 (formerly)
Rete 4 (formerly)
Boing (formerly)
JimJam (formerly)
DenverLogo.png Italian
(2nd dub)
Il mio amico Denver various local networks (specify?)[6]
DenverLogo.png Polish
Denver, ostatni dinozaur TVP2 (formerly)
TVP1 (formerly)
TVP Polonia (formerly)
PTK 2 (formerly)
RTL 7 (formerly)
Top Kids (formerly)
DenverLogo.png Polish
Denver, ostatni dinozaur Tele 5 (formerly)
Top Kids (some episodes, formerly)[7]
DenverLogo.png Portuguese (Brazil) Denver, o Dinossauro Rede Globo (formerly)[8]
DenverLogo.png Portuguese (Portugal) Denver, o último dinossauro Canal 1 (formerly)[9]
DenverLogo.png Russian Денвер — последний динозавр unknown
DenverLogo.png Spanish (Latin America) Denver, el último dinosaurio Canal 5 (formerly)
Canal 10 (formerly)
Canal 4 (formerly)
Canal 8 (formerly)
Canal 3 (formerly)
Canal 7 (formerly)
Canal 11 (formerly)
Canal 4 (formerly)
Canal 5 (formerly)
Canal 7 (formerly)
Locomotion (formerly)
Univision (formerly)[10]
DenverLogo.png Swedish Denver, den sista dinosaurien Kanal 5 (formerly)[11]