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Disney+ Hotstar is an Indian brand of subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment of Disney Star and operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, both divisions of The Walt Disney Company.

The brand was first introduced as Hotstar for a streaming service carrying content from Disney Star's local networks, including films, television series, live sports, and original programming, as well as featuring content licensed from third-parties such as HBO and Showtime among others. Amid the significant growth of mobile broadband in India, Hotstar quickly became the dominant streaming service in the country.

Following the acquisition of Star India's parent company 21st Century Fox by Disney in 2019, Hotstar was integrated with the company's new global streaming brand Disney+ as 'Disney+ Hotstar' in April 2020. The co-branded service added Disney+ original programming, and films and television series from its main content brands of Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and National Geographicalongside the domestic and third-party content already carried on the platform.

Outside of India, the Disney+ Hotstar service also operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, which similarly combines entertainment content licensed from local, third-party studios, with the larger Disney+ library. Disney+ Hotstar is also expected to launch in the Philippines and Vietnam in the end of 2022. In India, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Hotstar operates as a streaming service targeting overseas Indians, focusing on Disney Star's domestic entertainment and sports content; Disney+ operates as a standalone service in these markets. In 2021, Disney announced that it would discontinue the U.S. version of Hotstar in November 2021, in favor of adding its content to the domestic Hulu and ESPN+ services instead.


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Disney+ Hotstar hosts dubs in a variety of languages for several countries. They add audio tracks for their media randomly and sporadically, often to prepare them for the launch in the country. Thus, some tracks are available prematurely in countries such as India before it was are available in it’s target country.

On certain occasions, Disney has been known to lose their copies of some dubs; thus, newer dubs are commissioned to exclusively stream on the service. The same applies to media that hadn't been dubbed prior to the service's presence, or were otherwise simply never released before, the latter of which being a commonity with foreign Disney content.

International versions

Country Name Launch date
Disney+ Hotstar - logo.svg Indonesia Disney+ Hotstar September 5, 2020
Disney+ Hotstar - logo.svg Malaysia Disney+ Hotstar June 1, 2021
Disney+ Hotstar - logo.svg Thailand ดิสนีย์+ ฮอตสตาร์ June 30, 2021
Disney+ Hotstar - logo.svg Philippines Disney+ Hotstar TBD
Disney+ Hotstar - logo.svg Vietnam Disney+ Hotstar TBD