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Gürültü Ailesi is the Turkish dub of The Loud House that is airing on Nickelodeon (Turkiye) and Nickelodeon (Central and Eastern Europe); it is also available online on Netflix and beIN Connect.


Gürültü Ailesi debuted on Nickelodeon in Turkiye on May 16, 2016.


Character Actor
Lincoln Loud (The Loud House).png
Lincoln Gürültü

Ahmet Taşar
Lori Loud (The Loud House).png
Lori Gürültü

Işıl Kılıç
Leni Loud (The Loud House).png
Leni Gürültü

Serpil Saraç (season 1)
Selay Taşdöğen (S2E1–S3E5b)
Özge Çeçen (S3E6b–early Season 4)
Milay Ezengin (late Season 4–present)
Luna Loud (The Loud House).png
Luna Gürültü

Banu Altay
Luan Loud (The Loud House).png
Luan Gürültü

Ferda Yalçın (S1E1–S2E7b)
Unidentified voice (S2E8a–S2E25a)
Unidentified voice (S3E1–S3E5b)
Unidentified voice (S3E6b–early Season 4)
Nazlı Akın (late Season 4–present)
Lynn Loud (The Loud House).png
Lynn Gürültü

Mehpare Özlük Divrik
Lucy Loud (The Loud House).png
Lucy Gürültü

Ekinsu Karaata
Lana Loud (The Loud House).png
Lana Gürültü

Berna Terzierol
Lola Loud (The Loud House).png
Lola Gürültü

Lily Loud (The Loud House).png
Lily Gürültü

Lisa Loud (The Loud House).png
Lisa Gürültü

Özgür Varul
Lynn Loud Sr. (The Loud House).png
Lynn Gürültü Sr.

İlham Erdoğan (seasons 1–2)
Unidentified voice (seasons 3–present)
Rita Loud (The Loud House).png
Rita Gürültü

Ezel Kalkan (seasons 1–2)
Unidentified voice (seasons 3–present)
Unidentified voice (S3E17, S4E19–21)
Clyde McBride (The Loud House).png
Clyde McBride

Ali Hekimoğlu (seasons 1–2)
Fatih Özkul (seasons 3–present)


  • Episodes featuring Clyde's fathers Howard and Harold and Luna's girlfriend Sam were banned from airing on Nickelodeon in 2018 for depicting same-sex relationships, which are not recognized in Turkey.
  • However, the dialogue does not censor any mentions of Clyde's fathers in other episodes.


  • Like in the original version and the Arabic and European Spanish dubs, Lana, Lola and Lily share the same voice actress.
  • In this dub, Lincoln and Clyde are voiced by adult men.
  • In this dub, Lisa does not talk with a lisp. However, saliva is still shown spraying from her mouth.

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