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Hop! (Hebrew: הופ!) is an Israeli television channel, intended entirely for preschool children. The channel broadcasts in Israel daily between 05:00 (in the past: 06:00) and 23:00 (in the past: 20:00), as a part of the base packages of cable company HOT and satellite company yes.


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Original programming

Programming blocks


  • Family Time (זמן משפחה)
  • Hop'aleh (הופ'לה) – 2018-present; 2000-2012
  • Hop! Night (לילה הופ!)


  • Hop! Learning (הופ! לומדים) (Also formerly as a TV interactive channel for yes And HOT) – 2016-2018
  • Hop!'s Kindergarten (הגן של הופ!) – 2000-2012
  • Hop! Around the world (הופ! מסביב לעולם) - 2009[1]
  • Hop!'s Neighborhood (השכונה של הופ!)
  • Hop! Parents (הופ! הורים)
  • Hop! To Know (הופ! לדעת) – 2018-2021
  • Israeli Childhood Songs (שירי ילדות ישראלית)
  • That's the whole story (זה כל הסיפור) – 2021
  • Mystery of Shabbat (תעולמת השבת)


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