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Nickelodeon Asia is an pan-Asian feed of the children and teenagers' channel Nickelodeon launched on 1998-11-05.


Nickelodeon Asia was launched on the Palapa-C2 satellite on 1998-11-05, when MTV Networks Asia, a joint venture between Viacom International, Inc. (the owner of Paul Terry’s Terrytoons and MTV Networks International) and Universal Music Group N.V. (formerly MCA Music Entertainment Group and PolyGram N.V.), attempted to bring their world's famous Nickelodeon brand to the Asian market. Broadcasting from Singapore, the world's first channel for kids had only 4 different audio tracks including English, Mandarin, Thai and Japanese with subtitles in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Thai and even its live-action content dubbed in Japanese. However, the channel was only available on various CATV systems across the Philippines and for those with C/Ku band satellite dishes.

By 1999, the channel has reached to Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

From 2000 to 2006-08, New Zealand was one of the countries of this channel's broadcast until a local feed went on the air for the country.

In 2011-04-01, a new Filipino feed was launched to replace this channel in the Philippines.

In 2014-08, a new feed with a new schedule was launched to replace this feed in the rest of Southeast Asia (excluding Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines), Hong Kong and Taiwan while this feed continues its broadcast and schedule in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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