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No-No is the English dub of Non-Non. The series, like many French cartoons, was dubbed in France using French-American actors who are mainly bilingual.


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Character Actor
Non-Non (Non-Non) - head.png

Matthew Géczy
Magaïveur (Non-Non) - head.png

David Gasman
Zoubi (Non-Non) - head.png

Barbara Weber-Scaff
Grocroc (Non-Non) - head.png

David Gasman
Grouillette (Non-Non) - head.png

Kaycie Chase
Bio (Non-Non) - head.png

David Gasman


English title Original title Premiere
1 No-No Wants to Get in Shape Non-Non veut faire du sport
2 Bigtooth, Astro-Not? Grocroc mal luné
3 No-No Wants to Play an Instrument Non-Non veut jouer d'un instrument
4 No-No's Home Improvement Non-Non refait sa décoration
5 What Day Is It? Mais c'est quoi aujourd'hui ...
6 No-No Is Scared of the Beakist Non-Non a peur d'aller chez le becquiste
7 Underwood Springs' Got Talent Sous-bois-les-bains a un incroyable talent
8 No-No Is Hungry Non-Non a faim
9 No-No and the Carrot Ice Cream Non-Non et la glace à la carotte
10 No-No Is Allergic to Something Non-Non est allergique à un truc
11 No-No and the Very, Very Long Walk Non-Non et la très grande promenade
12 Magaiver Is Missing Magaïveur a disparu
13 No-No Gets Dressed Up Non-Non se déguise
14 No-No and the Flashing Crab Non-Non et le crabe qui clignote
15 Who's Your Daddy? Non-Non, papa ou pas ?
16 No-No and the Great Big Secret Non-Non et le trop lourd secret
17 Platypus Seeks Housemate Ornithorynque cherche colocataire
18 No-No Sees Double Non-Non voit double
19 SOS Starfish SOS étoile de mer
20 No-No Says Yes Non-Non positive
21 No-No Is Scared of Getting Hurt Non-Non a peur de se faire mal
22 The Letter La lettre
23 No-No Doesn't Know What to Wish For Non-Non veut faire un voeu
24 No-No and the No-Noodles Non-Non et les nounouilles
25 Memory Loss at the Lake Trou de mémoire à la mare
26 Hide-and-Go-Seek Tout seul à deux
27 No-No Loses Something
28 No-No Has to Be Somewhere
29 No-No and the Fly
30 Platypus Night Fever
31 The Great Outdoors
32 Underwood vs Springs
33 No-No Is in a Bad Mood
34 The Haunted Fridge
35 No-No's Collection Chaos
36 Mangnum the Perfect Crab
37 No-No the Carrot-Sitter
38 The Cut-Up
39 The Unruly Rocket
40 No-No's Sticky Situation
41 No-No and the Lucky Underpants
42 No-No and the Banana Crunch Cake
43 Never Without No-No
44 No-No Goes Incognito
45 President No-No
46 No-No Sleeps Over
47 No-No Is Not Sick
48 A Lie for a Lie
49 The Underwood Springs Race
50 No-No's Never-Ending Questions
51 Underwood Springs On Ice
52 The Crab and the Platypus