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Space Racers is an American computer animated STEM-focused educational television series featuring the cadets of the Stardust Space Academy. It was produced by Space Race LLC, Maryland Public Television for its first season, and WNET New York for its second season. The series is distributed by PBS Distribution and American Public Television (from 2014 to 2016) in the United States, and by CAKE Entertainment internationally.


Space Racers began as a web series entitled Space Race, which began airing on March 22, 2011 on PBS Kids and PBS Kids Go!. Two more episodes were released on April 22, 2011, while the last two were released on April 29, 2011.

Space Racers later debuted as a television series on May 2, 2014 for public television on PBS Kids, and went into re-runs until October 30, 2016, a day before the second season of the series premiered on Sprout. After Sprout's rebrand as Universal Kids, the series continued to air on the channel until March 22, 2020.

In Canada, the first season of the series aired on Knowledge Network during the Knowledge Kids programming block from May 2, 2014 to November 26, 2015. It later moved to TVOKids on November 27, 2015; so far, only the second season airs there.

Space Racers also aired on TVNZ Kidzone[6] in New Zealand starting February 15, 2014,[7] three months before its premiere in the United States.


The first season of Space Racers became available on Netflix on March 15, 2015, and was removed from the service three years later, in 2018. The series was re-added to the service on March 31, 2020, and removed a year later, in 2021.

Episodes of the series are currently available to watch on YouTube[1] since 2013, and on Tubi TV[2] since February 12, 2022. The series is also available to watch on Amazon Prime Video,[4] the Roku Channel,[3] and Vudu.[5]


Character Actor
Eagle (Space Racers).png

Yuri Lowenthal
Hawk (Space Racers).png

Meyer DeLeeuw
Raven (Space Racers).png

Johnny Yong Bosch
Robyn (Space Racers).png

Alicyn Packard
Starling (Space Racers).png

Melissa Hutchison
AVA (Space Racers).png

Headmaster Crane (Space Racers).png
Headmaster Crane

Phil Lollar
Coach Pigeon (Space Racers).png
Coach Pigeon

Danny Katiana (season 1)
Rick Zieff (season 2)

International versions

Language Title Channels
Space Racers - logo (Albanian).png Albanian Akademia e hapësirës Çufo (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Arabic unknown e-Junior
Space Racers - logo (English).png Czech Vesmírní závodníci Minimax (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Dutch Space Racers Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Finnish).png Finnish Tie tähtiin Yle TV2
Space Racers - logo (French).png French Les Cosmopilotes France 5 (formerly)
TF1 (formerly)
Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Hebrew).png Hebrew סיירי החלל Hop! (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Hungarian Csillagpor akadémia Minimax (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Indonesian Space Racers
Space Racer (DAAI TV)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Irish Rásaithe Spáis TG4 (Cúla4 na nÓg block, formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Kazakh).png Kazakh Ғарыш шабандоздары Balapan[8] (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Korean).png Korean 우주 탐험대 스페이스 레이서 KBS (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Latvian
Raķetēni LTV1[9] (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Lithuanian
Kosmoso tyrinėtojai TV3
Space Racers - logo (Chinese Mandarin, CCTV-14).png Mandarin (China)
太空先锋队 CCTV-14
Tencent Video
Space Racers - logo (English).png Mandarin (China)
航天小飞机 iQiyi
Space Racers - logo (English).png Mandarin (Taiwan) 星際探險趣 direct-to-video
Space Racers - logo (Norwegian).png Norwegian Rakettgjengen NRK Super (formerly)
Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Polish).png Polish Kosmoloty MiniMini+ (formerly)
Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - title card (Brazilian Portuguese).png Portuguese (Brazil) Exploradores Espaciais Nat Geo Kids
TV Brasil
Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Romanian Bolizii spaţiali Minimax (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Russian).png Russian Космические гонщики TiJi (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Serbian Svemirski trkači Minimax (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Slovene Vesoljski dirkalci Minimax (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Latin American Spanish).png Spanish (Latin America) Exploradores espaciales Nat Geo Kids
NYC Life
Vme Kids
Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Swahili Space Racers StarTimes Kids
Space Racers - logo (Swedish).png Swedish Rymdrekryterna SVT Barnkanalen
Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Thai จรวดน้อยท่องโลกอวกาศ Thai PBS
Space Racers - logo (Turkish).png Turkish Cesur Kuşlar Minika ÇOCUK (formerly)
Okidokido (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Ukrainian).png Ukrainian
Космічні гонщики Pixel TV (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Uzbek).png Uzbek Fazo poygachilari Aqlvoy

Title translations

Language Title Channels
Space Racers - logo (Arabic).png Arabic متسابقو الفضاء Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (Hebrew, Netflix).png Hebrew מירוץ בחלל Netflix (formerly)
Space Racers - logo (English).png Korean 스페이스 레이서 direct-to-video
Space Racers - logo (Finnish).png Swedish Vägen till stjärnorna Yle Arenan