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Spacetoon TV (Arabic: سبيستون‎ or سبيس تون) is a pan–Arab free–to–air television channel that specializes in animation and children programs. It began broadcasting on 15 March 2000 and it is headquartered in Dubai, UAE with offices in Riyadh. The channel targets children from 4 and up and is for the family. Its late night block Space Power is targeted at teenagers and young adults.

The Spacetoon company has had two now-defunct channels in the Arab world besides the main still existing Spacetoon channel: Space Power TV and Spacetoon English and a video on demand app called Spacetoon Go.

The main Indonesian channel began airing on 23 March 2005 in Jakarta, it later became NET. and its broadcast remains on satellite television. Currently there are three Spacetoon channels in Indonesia, Spacetoon, Space Shopping and Spacetoon Plus. In India, Spacetoon India exists as licensing company, but not as a separate TV channel. In South Korea, Spacetoon launched in 2005 but has since closed down. Syria is the main owner of Spacetoon channel Spacetoon is broadcast in 22 countries, and has an audience of over 130 million viewers.


  • Action Planet (planets of excitement and mystery) for action programs.
  • Abjad/Alpha Planet (planets of numbers and letters) for educational programs.
  • Bon Bon Planet (planets of great heroes) for baby shows.
  • Zomoroda Planet (planets of just girls) for the girl shows.
  • Comedy Planet (planets of laughter) for comedy shows.
  • Adventure Planet (planets of imagination and thrill) for adventures programs.
  • Sports Planet (planets of challenge and strength) for sports programs.
  • History Planet (planet of time immemorial) (former, 2000–2013) for the historical series.
  • Science Planet (planets of discovery and knowledge) for science programs.
  • Movies Planet (planets of all colors) for the cartoons.