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Not to be confused with Télétoon+, the TV channel in France.
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Télétoon (styled as TĒLĒTOON) is a Canadian French language discretionary service owned by Teletoon Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Corus Entertainment. Its name is a portmanteau of "télévision" and "cartoon". As of 2013, along with its English language counterpart Teletoon, it is available in over 7.3 million Canadian households.

Many of the shows broadcast on Télétoon are those shown on its English-language counterpart dubbed into French. At first, both networks had identical schedules, airing the same episode of the same program at the same time. Nowadays, the schedules sometimes differ, because Télétoon carries some translated programs that its English-language counterpart does not, as they are aired on other cable networks. Many of the shows, such as The Simpsons and King of the Hill, are dubbed using domestic Québécois voice-over actors, while others, such as Naruto and virtually all series originating from Cartoon Network, utilize dubs mainly meant for audiences in Metropolitan France.