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Tayo the Little Bus is the English dub of 꼬마버스 타요. It has previously aired on TVO Kids and Disney Junior (Southeast Asia), and it is currently airing on Disney Junior (Australia and New Zealand) and Disney Junior (Philippines); it is also available online on Hulu and Netflix.


Character name English voice actor
1379914110.jpg Tayo Robyn Slade (seasons 1–2)
Carol Tyler (seasons 3–4)
1379914169 Tayo The Little Bus Rogi.jpg Rogi Nolan Balzer (seasons 1–2)
Aidan Williams (seasons 3–4)
1379914188 Tayo The Little Bus Lani.jpg Lani Kami Desilets (seasons 1–2)
Eva Davis (seasons 3–4)
Alexis Song (season 5)

1379914144.jpg Gani Kerri Salki (seasons 1–2)
Ginger Hendricks (seasons 3–4)


  • This was one of the first dubs of 꼬마버스 타요 to be produced, along with the Spanish and Greek dubs.

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