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Usage & preview

All dates and years should always be written with the date format template. Different regions of the world displays dates in different ways, and this template solves that issue.

Example formats

19 August2022Default, fallback
August 19,2022 – United States of America
19 August2022 – United Kingdom
19. August2022 – Several regions in Europe
19 August,2022 – Several Arabic regions
19. August2022. – Croatia and Serbia
2022.VIII. 19. – Hungary
2022年08月19日 – Japan and China
2022년08월19일 – Korea
19 August2022 г. – Russia and Bulgaria
19 Augustพ.ศ. 2565 – Thailand

Available syntax

{{date format|YYYY|MM|DD}}
Full date and year: 2022-08-19

{{date format|YYYY|MM}}
Only year and month: 2022-08

{{date format|YYYY}}
Only year: 2022

{{date format|MM|DD}}
Only month and date: 08-19