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VeggieTales is an American computer-animated children's TV series produced by Big Idea Productions. Hosted by Bob & Larry, a duo comprised of a tomato and cucumber respectively, the show teaches timeless values like honesty, kindness, and forgiveness in a delightfully wacky way, featuring an ensemble of anthropomorphic produce in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity. A series tailored for televised broadcasts has also been produced.

The series has been succeeded by its spin-offs, VeggieTales in the House and VeggieTales in the City, both of which have been better-distributed, internationally.


Character name English voice actor
300px Bob the Tomato Phil Vischer

Larry the Cucumber (VeggieTales) - head.png Larry the Cucumber Mike Nawrocki

300px Junior Asparagus Lisa Vischer

300px Petunia Rhubarb Cydney Trent

300px Archibald Asparagus Phil Vischer

300px Mr. Nezzer Phil Vischer

300px Mr. Lunt Phil Vischer

300px Pa Grape Phil Vischer

300px Jimmy Gourd Phil Vischer

300px Jerry Gourd Mike Nawrocki

300px Jean-Claude Pea Mike Nawrocki

300px Philippe Pea Phil Vischer

300px Madame Blueberry Megan Moore Burns (1998)
Gail Freeman-Bock (1999)
Jackie Ritz (20022009)
Megan Murphy (20052014)

300px Laura Carrot Kristen Blegen (19952002)
Jackie Ritz (20022005)
Megan Murphy (2009)
Keri Pisapia (20112013)

International versions

Language Title Released on
VeggieTales - logo (Albanian).png Albanian Perimet Çufo
Bang Bang
حواديت الخضروات logo.png Arabic (Egypt)
(Arascope version)
حواديت الخضروات direct-to-video
حواديت الخضروات logo.png Arabic (Egypt)
(SAT-7 Kids version)
حواديت الخضروات SAT-7 Kids
حواديت الخضروات logo.png Arabic (Standard) حواديت الخضروات direct-to-DVD
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Bengali unknown Bangla Family TV
VeggieTales - Logo (Cantonese).png Cantonese 蔬果仔樂園 Creation TV (formerly)
2019-04-13.png Croatian Povrtnići direct-to-DVD
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Dutch VeggieTales direct-to-DVD
VeggieTales - logo (Finnish).png Finnish Popsikkaat direct-to-video
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png German VeggieTales direct-to-DVD
VeggieTales - logo (Greek).jpeg Greek ΚηποΦατσούλες direct-to-video
VeggieTales - logo (Hebrew).png Hebrew סיפורי ירקות direct-to-VOD
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Hungarian Zöldségmesék RTL Klub (formerly)
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Indonesian VeggieTales Spacetoon
Spacetoon Plus
VeggieTales - Logo (Japanese).png Japanese ヴェジテールズ direct-to-VHS
VeggieTales - logo (Korean).png Korean 야채극장 베지테일 EBS (formerly)
Tooniverse (formerly)
VeggieTales - logo (Taiwanese Mandarin).png Mandarin (Taiwan)
(home video dub)
蔬菜總動員 direct-to-video
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Mandarin (Taiwan)
(TV dub)
蔬菜狂想曲 GOOD TV
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Norwegian VeggieTales Visjon Norge (På Sporet block)
داستان سبزیجات logo.png Persian
(early 2000s)
داستان سبزیجات unknown
داستان سبزیجات logo.png Persian
(mid 2000s)
داستان سبزیجات direct-to-VCD
داستان سبزیجات logo.png Persian
(The Star of Christmas)
داستان سبزیجات unknown
داستان سبزیجات second logo.png Persian
(mid 2010s)
داستان سبزیجات direct-to-VCD
VeggieTales - 1st logo (Brazilian Portuguese).png Portuguese (Brazil)
(Audio News, 1st version)
Os Vegetais direct-to-VHS
VeggieTales - Logo (Brazilian Portuguese).png Portuguese (Brazil)
(Audio News, 2nd version)
Os Vegetais direct-to-video
VeggieTales - Logo (Brazilian Portuguese).png Portuguese (Brazil)
(SBT version)
Os Vegetais SBT (formerly)
Rede Boas Novas
VeggieTales - Logo (European Portuguese).png Portuguese (Portugal) Histórias de Vegetais 2: (formerly)
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Russian
Овощные истории ТБН (formerly)
Smilik TV (formerly)
VeggieTales - Logo (Slovene).png Slovene Zelenjavčki direct-to-video
VeggieTales - logo (English) (1993).PNG Spanish (Latin America)
(DINT version)
VeggieTales direct-to-VHS
VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png Spanish (Latin America)
(HCJB/BVI version)
VeggieTales direct-to-DVD
VeggieTales - title card (Vietnamese).jpeg Vietnamese
Chuyện Rau Quả direct-to-video