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Willa's Wild Life is an animated television series based on Dan Yaccarino's book An Octopus Followed Me Home. It is about a girl named Willa who has a giraffe, a camel, two elephants, an alligator, and many more zoo animals. The series originally aired on Qubo in the United States (and has been put back on Qubo's schedule from 2019 to 2020), and YTV in Canada. The series is Flash-animated with Toon Boom Harmony. International airings aired from October 7, 2008 to June 27, 2013.

International versions

Language Title Channels
Willa's Wild Life - logo (Arabic, Jeem TV).jpg Arabic
(Jeem TV)
يوميات ويلا Jeem TV (formerly)
Willa Basma Logo.png Arabic
يوميات ويللا Basma Channel
Willa (1).png Czech Lilina zoologická zahrada Minimax (formerly)
Willa french.jpeg French Willa ! Piwi+ (formerly)
Ici Radio-Canada Télé
TF1 (formerly)
France 3 (formerly)
France 5 (formerly)
Willa (1).png Hungarian Lilla állatkertje Minimax (formerly)
Willa (1).png Italian Willa's Wild Life Rai 1 (formerly)
Willa (1).png Korean 윌라의 와일드 라이프 Tooniverse
91lD IL7alL. AC SL1500 .jpg Polish Ola i jej zoo MiniMini+ (formerly)
Willa brazil.jpg Portuguese (Brazil) Willa e os animais Discovery Kids (formerly)
Willa (1).png Romanian Grădina Zoologică a lui Willa Minimax (formerly)
Willa (1).png Serbian unknown Minimax (formerly)
51v-TVrfSDL. SX258 BO1,204,203,200 .jpg Spanish (Latin America)
(DINT Doblajes Internacionales)
Willa y los animales Discovery Kids (formerly)
51v-TVrfSDL. SX258 BO1,204,203,200 .jpg Spanish (Latin America)
(SDI Media)
La fauna de Fanny Treehouse Direct
Willa (1).png Thai วิลล่ากับเพื่อนรักสัตว์ป่า True Spark[2] (formerly)